Alteration Services

With the exception of some lucky folk, most people buying their ready to wear Wedding Gown and Formal Wear “off the rack” can expect that these garments will need to be altered to fit properly. The next question, of course, is who to turn to, to carry out these alterations? In other words, whom can you trust to exercise the proper care? After all, not everybody has the qualifications and expertise required to handle those expensive and delicate fibres.

Priding ourselves on over forty years of dressmaking experience, we offer an expert made to measure and alteration service. Whether it is creating that perfect Gown, adding a lace up back or capped sleeves, crafting a dreamy veil, making gathered straps for the large variety of Bridesmaid Dresses we carry, stitching a glamorous belt perfectly in place to complete the look of that fantastic dress – taking it in, letting it out, or raising the hem line – no attention to detail is spared to make your look perfect.

There are an ever increasing number of people who, in order to save money, tend to order their clothes on line; only to receive garments that often look nothing like the ones depicted on the site they first saw them on. It is a well known fact that those who buy cheap, in reality often buy expensive. After all, quality is something one still sees when the price is long forgotten. If you are the unlucky recipient of an “on line tragic”, please do not hesitate to bring it to us, as we may be able to rescue the garment.

If you are in need of some alterations within Melbourne give us a call today on (03) 9876-9800 or contact us!